If transparency and accountability is important to you and you customers, then this is a must have for your service based organization. If you don’t know whats is going on in your organization, or you want your clients to know what whats going on in your organization, then please read on.


Have you ever wondered the following:

1. So what have so and so been up to?

2. Whats going on with that customer?

3. When am I going there again?

4. How much time did we spend with that customer


or have your customers ever Asked:

1. What exactly have you guys been assisting us with?

2. When are you be able to come to see us again?

3. But I never realized you were waiting for me on that.

4. Of shucks we didn’t realize you were coming today


“Werk” is the Afrikaans word for work, and if used correctly could also work for you, without taking any sick leave, any labour disputes, or having to negotiate raises. If you live in South Africa you don’t have to negotiate “Strike” season, and because its not religious it will work on Christmas, New Year day, 24-7-365. Paired with our free to download ROEP customer portal¬†and trusty mail everyone will know what has been done, by whom, when, for who, who is going where when, and to whom, without having to having to rely on a person to do make sure all of that is done.

It basically has two parts. 1 a Task logging system, and a time logging systems. The Task logging system allows you to see who is doing what, who is waiting for who, allows you to attach notes and files to keep the context of the task with the task.

All of these Tasks come together on a “white board” on your desktop background that you can see whenever you browse for a file, or if you want to open up an app giving you complete transparency about what is going on in your business/life.

The Second part is a calendar with custom slots per resource so you can schedule who can go out when, for how long.

What makes this Calendar even more powerful is that your customers can have access to it, through ROEP which means that they can book your resources themselves,removing the risk and fear that you get double booked when people phone you in the car.  All of that can be replaced with a simple response: Book me. They can only see what is open and what available, so all you have to do is arrive.

How does “Werk” work for you? On top of the interface Omni present in your windows task bar, and the ROEP inteface, it also sends some mails.

1. a Mail to tell you how everyone has been doing in your organization every day:

2. A mail of any issues that escelated from one employee to the next.

3. A mail to your customers every Monday (see we don’t want to spam the people that put food in our children’s mouths, we believe once a week is enough) telling them what we did, when we are coming, and what we are waiting for:

4. A notification every time they book one of your resources.

If you are interested please download “WERK” here:

WERK Download Link

Click the Demo button to play with late 80’s formula one drivers, and if you are interested fill in the form and we will send you a resource key of your own.

If you decide that you would like to know everything about your company, and you would like your customers to know everything about everything you have been doing for them, and you want to move the burden of managing your calendar to our customer, then WERK will cost you the following per Resource per month.

From ResourceTo ResourcePrice (USD)Price (Rand) @ 15.00

There are no setup or initiation fees.



Tutorial Videos:

  1. Setting up the Organization tab.