We don’t just use any software to help you, we rely on AnyDesk

If we have assisted your company before, or you need assistance now you would know that remote desktop support has become a key part of that process. Obviously it allows us to see what is going on and also assists us to work with you, changing plain old invisible support into a training and knowledge sharing session in many cases.


For years we have been relying on TeamViewer, but their business model has made it impractical to keep up so we (mostly Endy) set off to find an alternative.

It had to conform to the following things:

  1. Evergreen, the updating of one version to the next makes it almost impossible to keep up since older versions cannot connect to newer versions.
  2. Connectivity, it had to be able to connect without any fancy setup or in depth knowledge of networking.
  3. Compact, it had to small and easy to install and not take up huge amounts of resources when we try to help you.
  4. File Sharing: we need it as an interface to send you updates or scripts or new files
  5. Communication: we needed to be able to chat to you while we figure out whatever is going on together.
  6. Red. It needed to have a red icon so that it fits in with our image. (as if we have one)


So after a lot of searching and testing we found AnyDesk.


If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can Download AnyDesk….maybe you can hire The KI-Team.


To Help you with this process we have prepared a short informal but informative presentation, to guide you which is on our YouTube Channel.


To access it just click on the link: https://youtu.be/IY1EfxiUGKw


If you find this helpful, please subscribe and like our channel, as there will be many more instructional and educational content in the future.

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