Moerby – Combining Microsoft Excel and SQL.



Moerbei is an Afrikaans word for Mulberry. Moerby, however is slang for putting two or more things together. And that is What Moerby does, it allows end users to activate Stored procedures via an Excel spreadsheet, – to import data, update data, or do whatever they want without having to create a new interface for each importation process.


Using a stored procedure as an interface to import data gives the developer the ability to control the business logic, insert\update into multiple tables, and even notify whoever through DB mail. But it often then not only becomes the task of the DBA\Developer to maintain the logic, but also then to maintain the data.  Moerby tries to change that by putting the control (and work) back where it belongs, the User who’s data it is.


You can download as either a 32bit or 64bit Windows application form the links below:

32Bit Moerby

64Bit Moerby


Registration is just as with all our other products and an informative Video can be found on YouTube. ,and you can download both our End user guide and technical guide from the links below:


End user Guide.

Technical Manual.