Let the allocation suffering end this Festive Season.

We have been known to give things away from time to time, and this time we are not even going to charge shipping and handling. Its for all you Sage Evolution\100\200 or something (who knows what they are calling it now) resellers who every now and then has to suffer though an allocation corruption. And it sucks because the design comes from the mid nineties, and it sucks. So I have written a small gui that shows you which transactions are causing that damn button to be greyed out. it does not fix it for you so you still can lay claim on being a data-fixing genius.

I tried making it super complex to use, here us a picture of its convoluted interface:

allocation fixer interface.

download it by clicking on the here, or here, or here. Your antivirus might have an issue or something, but since you are consummate Software expert you should be able to handle it.

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